Research and Development Laboratory

IVD-R&D-Support-GIMDxGIMDx’s Research & Development Laboratory is designed to evaluate and validate new products and technologies in preparation for entry into the Chinese market. Our laboratory is also available to lend its expertise to and collaborate with companies and institutions who have innovative products in development that need additional optimization before commercialization.  In addition, GIMDx’s Research & Development department will develop it’s own unique diagnostic assays using the following technologies:


– qPCR assays for tumor makers, mutations and virus testing
– cell based flow cytometry assays for tumor markers, expression analysis and cell surface markers
– multiplexing molecular and immunoassays
– point of care tests

Our laboratory will also be your source for high quality, low cost antibodies, specific proteins and kits that are made in China and are in demand domestically. All products offered by GIMDx will be thoroughly validated and quality control tested in our laboratory.

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