Licensing for IVD Companies

IVD-Licensing-Opportunities-GIMDXGIMDx licensing support allows IVD companies to immediately tap into cGMP manufacturing facilities as well as distribution and marketing expertise held by our parent company, Improve Medical. Improve Medical is a public company with financial resources and relationships at key agencies like CFDA, Chinese CDC, and Ministry of Health. Additionally, we have ownership positions in key hospitals in Guangdong Province that allow us to validate new products as well as seed the market with these new products. This enables us to fast track and facilitate Chinese registration of your product. And, we are able to leverage this experience in other hospitals and laboratories throughout the country to ensure the product’s sales success.

GIMDx treats intellectual property earnestly and holds itself to the highest standards in protecting the licensor’s patents and improvements. Our licensing process requires both parties to agree upon performance milestones so that the licensor will have a clear view of what to expect by working with GIMDx.

Please inquire to learn more about licensing opportunities with GIMDx.

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