About GIMDx

GIMDx,Inc., a California Corporation, is developing IVD products and custom assays. Our major focus is in looking for new technologies, product partnerships, R&D and OEM opportunities for the clinical laboratory. As a company of Improve Medical, the goal for GIMDx is to provide the highest quality laboratory products to the rapidly growing Chinese healthcare market and to facilitate entry into this market through our network of partners which include, but are not limited to:

  • Chinese FDA
  • Chinese CDC
  • Central and Provincial Governments
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Universities

GIMDx can distribute and license clinical diagnostic products and can facilitate and fast track product registration with CFDA. Our team in China has extensive relationships throughout the country and can leverage those relationships to ensure product placement and adoption.

We have a Research and Development team and laboratory that can design and optimize assays on new and existing platforms, validate products for market entry and collaborate on custom assays.

GIMDx offers commercialization assistance to companies wishing to enter the Chinese healthcare market. Our market reach and penetration will assure successful entry into China’s IVD sector which is growing at a rate of 25 – 30%.

Guangzhou Improve Medical was founded in 1996 and has a CAGR of ~30% and aims to become the top IVD provider in China in 5 years.

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