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GIMDx (Carlsbad, CA) was created in the US to capitalize on the growing healthcare appetite for high quality, innovative diagnostic products and technologies. At GIMDx, we assist diagnostic companies who wish to market their products worldwide. Through direct distribution, licensing, collaboration and commercialization assistance, GIMDx will enable diagnostic companies to access global markets including China’s rapidly growing IVD market which is growing at a double digit rate. We have the resources and importantly the contacts in China to facilitate entry into the Chinese market.

GIMDx’s R&D laboratory is designed for product validation, assay optimization, and collaboration. Molecular diagnostics is the fastest growing segment of the IVD market. Its efficient US team can network with companies and other institutions to prepare IVD diagnostic and especially molecular diagnostic products to be introduced into the global healthcare market.

Our company group, Guangzhou Improve Medical (广州阳普医疗), was founded in 1996 and is ISO 13485:2003 certified. Improve Medical has grown at a CAGR of ~30% and envisions becoming the top IVD supplier in China in 5 years and is connected with CFDA, central and provincial governments, universities, hospitals and laboratories. China is poised to become the largest IVD market in 10 years and grow to $7.1 Billion by 2018.